Inman, GA

Frances Reeves became a member of the Inman community in 1950, when she married Frank Reeves. She had moved to Fayette County to become a farmer (raising trace-mineralized vegetables and chickens) and to teach school. She and Frank decided to join forces, raising chickens, cows, vegetables, and children in Inman.

Native Fayette Countians remember the maps to local fishing ponds she distributed as “Frances, The Fisherman’s Friend”. Legend has it that this map is what Joel Cowan took to New York to show investors how he’d lay out his planned Peachtree City! When Frank began selling Farm Bureau insurance, Frances served as secretary for the local Farm Bureau organization for several years. She began her tax preparation and bookkeeping service as a help to local farmers. During this time she also sold World Book Encyclopedias, was director for the Fayette Chamber of Commerce, and was an editor at the Fayette County News. Always active in civic affairs, Frances promoted zoning issues, school bonds, and the Democratic Party.

In retirement, Frances continued her tax work and became involved with AARP, Fayette United Way, Fayette Historical Society, Fayette Human Services Council, and the Mental Health Association. She was a strong advocate for building the Fayette Senior Services Center. The garden there was built in her honor. Always interested in local history, Frances authored the voluminous “A Short History of Fayette County”.

Inman Farm Heritage Days Antique tractor show, antique small engines, working sawmill, cotton gin and moonshine still, petting zoo, food and drink available!